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Cigar Roller Events for Wedding, Golf and Corporate from Tampa to Tallahassee

Cigar roller at Tampa area corporate golf event

The events in Tampa range from weddings, corporate trade shows and conventions and has become one of the major markets for CF Dominicana's cigar roller feature, also known as Cigar Catering® now for over 16 years.

Corporate events and golf outings gravitate to the cigar roller feature not only because their guest list consists mostly of cigar lovers, but for the visual of having a cigar roller elevates the occasion and brings a new twist that brings a fresh alternative Tampa area event we perform.

Custom cigar labels are also designed and attached to each cigar presented at an event to create wide name recognition and for weddings, the Bride's name, Groom's name, shared married last name and the theme color of the reception are brought together into the designs that our graphics designers create.

Tampa, Sarasota, St. Pete and surrounding areas are known for cigar lovers and the cigar rollers fit each personal and corporate event perfectly. When you submit your event details below, we will check for availability and create a suggested package of features that include a cigar roller that you can revise to adjust the quantity, model of cigar and amount of time specifically for your event. The Tampa area is among the busiest Southeast regions in Florida for cigar roller events and when you submit the details for a quote you will have an assigned cigar planner to consult with you to make certain your event is executed perfectly, this is especially useful for those that are the planners and not necessarily cigar savvy.

TampaCigarRollers.com is intended to bring the Cigar Catering® feature of cigar rollers not only to Tampa but to the entire state of Florida. CF Dominicana Cigars provides cigar roller entertainment, service marked as Cigar Catering®, throughout the U.S. for over 20 years.

Tampa Florida has always been a Haven for cigars and CF Dominicana has cigar rollers that are residents of Tampa and surrounding areas going towards Tallahassee and south to Sarasota through Naples.

Cigar Catering® is a public relation tool that brings a unique experience with cigar rollers that are approachable, speak English and look great while being cigar knowledgeable to bring an experience that elevates your event to an upscale level. Sarasota, St Petersburg on up to Orlando are all serviced areas for Cigar Catering® in Tampa providing cigar roller feature entertainment for weddings golf outings corporate and conventions with new additions for 2024.

CF Dominicana cigars are all imported from the Dominican Republic and are not made anywhere in Tampa, Florida or the Unites States. The cigars are made where cigars should be, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua or Cuba - for CF Dominicana, the Dominican Republic noted for Montecristo, Cohiba, Avos, Ashton and most of the premium brands.

Premium cigars are not made in the U.S.

It is simply too expensive to make cigars in the United States, so the quality constantly suffers with local cigar makers throughout the country. Manufacturing is expensive so local cigar manufacturers cut corners with the level of quality in the construction of the cigar and inferior quality in the tobacco.

Do not be distracted with searching for a "cigar roller" and not addressing the quality of the cigars. Cigars that are real are made overseas.

When you submit the contact form below, we will make sure to have your quote ready in 30 minutes Monday through Thursday, Fridays through Sundays or reserved for our client active events. If you have a fast question, you can give a call to the phone number here.

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